PA Speakers

    PA speakers are the centerpiece of a live performance, powering your vocals, keyboard, and DJ selections. At IDJNow, we’re proud to carry passive and active loudspeakers from respected brands like QSC, Electro-Voice, and Alto Professional. Passive PA speakers require a separate amplifier or powered mixer to function, so they’re the best approach for large venues, while active speakers have built-in amplification, so they’re perfect for smaller gigs. Not sure which speaker setup is right for your performance needs? We also carry speaker packages like the Alto TX15 600 Watt 2-Way Active Speakers with 15” Woofers, which includes tripod stands, a tripod carrying bag, speaker covers, and 2 XLR cables. To learn more about our current speaker selection, chat with us online, visit an I DJ Now showroom, or call 1-800- 355-7746.

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