Challenge the ordinary. Explore the possibilities. Inspire others.

We help you to do just that.

Since our inception in 1990, our goal has always been to provide the best products and personal support to help channel your creative energy and make that special connection with your audience. Whether you're playing live on stage or crafting new material in the studio, I DJ NOW helps you perform at your very best. We'll bring you the latest breakthroughs in DJ Gear, Sound Systems, Lighting and Visual Effects, Stage Equipment and Recording Technology; all backed by our BestPrice+Plus Guarantee. Our staff of professionals are always ready with answers to all your questions.

Our selection. It all starts with you.

No two individuals are exactly the same. Different styles. Different levels of skill and technique. Different budgets. You get the idea. You need options. So with you in mind, we carry a tremendous selection of the most popular brands in the industry. But make no mistake about it, offering so many choices to our customers is no small task. In order to do it right, it requires a keen sense of the industry trends, extensive technological knowledge, considerable storage capacity and a warehouse operation that runs with clockwork precision. It starts with us listening to what you're looking for, making sure we keep a finger on the pulse of industry updates and new technologies. We are relentless in our product research; conducting internal testing and evaluating each and every product line we offer. Next, we introduce exclusive product launches to you and quickly respond to your feedback. We love getting your input. Our massive warehouse is jam-packed with merchandise, which means the items you want should always be available to you.

Truckloads of gear arrive daily and deliveries are shipped out almost as fast as they come in, heading directly to our stores or to your front door, right on time. Whether you shop with us online or visit our incredible interactive showrooms with live demonstration displays, you'll be sure to find everything you need from single specialty items to carefully-selected multi-item packages.

Our staff.  At the heart of it all.

To some people, music is their passion. To others, it's their business. To us, it's both. We are a rare breed; an eclectic team of individuals with in-depth musical backgrounds. Our collective resume of professional experience spans over four decades and reads like a list of "who's-who" in the DJ/Music/Audio and Lighting Production Industry. Upon hiring a new team member at I DJ NOW, he/she must complete regular routine training sessions, ranging from learning the products to seminars on software updates. All our manufacturer representatives are required to conduct regular training sessions with our sales staff, to introduce updates and new product launches. Our management team undergoes extensive training so they're ready for you when you need answers. On the phones or in our stores, we take great pride in getting to know you personally, so we can deliver customized solutions designed just for you. You're going to love shopping with us. We know this stuff inside and out.

Our reputation in one word — Stellar.

Think about it. With every purchase you make, there is a trust factor that comes into play between you and the merchant. That trust means everything to us. We are honored to be considered close friends and trusted advisors to so many of our peers and manufacturing partners. But don't take our word for it. Check our track record and you'll see it speaks for itself: We are an Official Authorized Dealer for every brand we carry, which means your manufacturers' warranties will be valid. We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a top-level retailer rating with Biz-Rate. So, take it easy. We've got your back.

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